Become a partner
are you looking for someone to help you develop a resource project?

Then we may be the right company for you as we are constantly looking for entrepreneurs who want to bring their vision to fruition.

The reality in the junior resource sector is that many assets lack the appropriately skilled and financed people to turn them into valuable assets. You may have already assembled some very capable team members but struggle to access appropriate financing to acquire and develop a project. Or you have an acquisition target, but are not able to properly assess its geological potential and / or deal structure.

In our careers we have built resource companies, taken them public and generated substantial value by doing so. We are not typical investors who often do not understand the resource business; we are also Geologists and Engineers who understand the hard work of exploration and operation.

In short, we are looking for someone / groups with access to projects and the willingness to build, co-manage and co-own a company together with us.

Why Aumontis?

We give you the opportunity to co-manage your resource project and have an equity position in it


We provide management and technical knowhow throughout the development cycle of the project


We have access to funding to develop your resource project towards a discovery or production

We are looking for

Entrepreneurs with excellent regional knowledge
and access to resource projects

selected commodities

Focus predominantly on Gold, Silver and Copper.
No bulk commodities or rare metals

stable jurisdictions

Targeting low country risk regions like North America, Australia and Europe

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