investing at the right time

Aumontis pursues a strategy of investing in undervalued and unrecognized resource projects with a focus on the precious metals as well as strategic metals and minerals. By doing so, the company intends to take advantage of possible inflationary effects in the monetary system and increased demand caused by future technological developments in the alternative energy sector.

In the timeline of any given resource and mining project, significant value is added to the project at two points: through discovery and through operational improvement/turn-around on the technical and management side of a producing mine.

With its experienced management team, Aumontis identifies and acquires these unrecognized resource opportunities at the right time. Depending on the project stage and market environment Aumontis will generate income from them either through operating cash flow or through development followed by divestment. It is intended to pay out a substantial percentage of the generated cash flow as dividends to the Aumontis shareholders.

In Summary the key advantages of investing in Aumontis are:

  • De-risked investment strategy through project- and commodity diversification in a holding structure
  • A highly experienced board and management who has successfully built resource companies before
  • A tight shareholder structure with founders and managers as partial owners, guaranteeing minimal shareholder dilution
  • A commitment to dividends once cash flow is generated from operations or from divestments

If you wish to learn more about us, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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